Wednesday, May 25, 2005

FW: [Rajohn] Ideas

submit website to the top reptile sites
create reptile jokes website - keywords funny jokes
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Fix up Bravehost Website at and add it to

To Do List

Update all reptile sites with ads

Get List of all my websites

Create Australia GTO web Page
Create commodore web page
create MP3 web page
create Cafepress items:_ posters of bearded dragons Eiffel tower, harbour

Split up Reptile web Sites.

Bearded dragon Website

Python Website

Monitor website

Iguana Website

Boa Constrictor Website.

Property investment websites

Add other bravehost websites particularly rental in New Zealand

Prioritise this List

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Reptile Husbandry Website

Reptile Husbandry Website uploaded at

Australian Reptile and Wildlife Parks

Australian Reptile and Wildlife Parks at has been uploaded.

Note that the Wildlife Parks have some Reptiles on Display