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Hippocrates Plane Tree , Kos Island Greece

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The famous plane tree of Hippocrates is near the entrance to the Neratzia Castle in Kos town. It is a huge tree, supposedly the largest in Europe.

It is claimed that it was planted by Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", who taught under its shade. It is said that the Apostle Paul is also taught here.

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Agios Fokas Thermi, Kos Island, Greece

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The Agios Fokas Thermi (hot thermal beach spring) is at the south side of the west end of Kos Island. The water is around 40 degrees centigrade which is like a very hot bath.

Most people park at the top of the hill and walk down a steep road to the beach, however if you think your vehicle will make it back up the hill, you may be able to park much closer.

There are cafes at the main car park and a restaurant next to the Pool.

The hot water smells of sulphur and reputedly has medicinal qualities for treating rheumatism and arthritis

The Plaka, Kos Island Greece

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The Plaka is a popular picnic area, away from the main road between the Airport and Paradise Beach.

The Plaka is known for the feral peacocks that live there.

The Asklepion on Kos Island, Greece

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The Asklepion on Kos is said to be the first hospital which makes it a "Monument of Universal Cultural heritage"

Hippocrates the "Father of Medicine" taught and worked here.

Pictured are the remains of a Temple dedicated to Apollo built in the 2nd Century AD, and a Terrace Wall.

A Tourist "train" regularly visits the site from Kos Town which is 3 or 4 kilometers away.

The Asklepion is about 7km from Tingaki

Remains of the Thermes are also pictured. These are remains of baths from the 3rd century AD.